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Four Favorites: Character Actresses

They provide enrichment and chemistry for their casting partners. Often they are there to make the principal beauty shine brighter. Maybe they can’t compete visually with the looks of Adams, Winslet, or Hepburn, but their unique faces and powerhouse acting always elevate a film. I’d prefer watching them over glamour girls any day. Here are a four of my favorites:

Emily Watson

Whether in Punch Drunk Love, The Proposition, or any of her famous roles above, I’m always impressed with her range and consistency. I don’t think she’s ever acted poorly.

Tilda Swinton


I think the only actress who could give Cate Blanchett a run for her money is Tilda Swinton. Translucent and androgynous, she transforms into anything she wants. Got six minutes? Here’s a weird music video showcasing David Bowie’s 2013 single, “The Stars are Out Tonight”.  The two could be twins, you’ve probably noticed, and it’s cool to see them in this macabre video.

Kathy Bates 

Kathy can play sweet, intellectual, outlandish, and psychotic. She’s had a great career on the screen and on television. She commands every scene she’s in.

Frances McDormand

Sure being married to Joel Coen has catapulted her career, but she doesn’t need him to be an outstanding actress. She gets deep into her characters and presents a whole new person every time she’s on the screen. I thought her utterly charming in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and sobering in North Country. 


And yours? Which film will you watch just because she’s in it?