Five Shots: Kauai, last batch

We’ve been back from our trip for almost a week. Back to a routine that doesn’t include tradewinds or waves lulling me to sleep at night. But I do have pictures. This is the last round of pictures, I promise. Which one do you like best? 

1. Sea Cave

We signed up for a boat and snorkeling tour up the Na Pali coastline. Our craft was able to back up into the sea caves along the way. What it is about the volcanic rock that makes water seem so unearthly?

2. Sea Turtle

She swam up to a public beach and lay there napping. Soon it will be time to lay her eggs. I was happy authorities wouldn’t allow the public to get closer than fifteen feet to her.


3. A river runs through it.

One day we went on a four-mile hike into the interior of the island. I kid you not — no bugs!  There are seven major rivers and 66 reservoirs. Next time we visit, I would like to kayak down a river while Jim fishes.

4. Waterfall
5. Homeless in Paradise
6. Jim’s last drive

We signed up for a sunset tour via golf cart on a fancy course at the north end called Makai Golf Club in Princeville. The green fees are predictably high and out of our price range. We listened to the Golf Pro, Tim, who told us all about the mythology and history of the island. The course hugs the coastal cliffs. Albatross and Red-footed Boobies accompany you as you drive around the lush green fairways. It feels like you are driving through a botanical garden. Jim is semi-retired and works at a Sedona golf course; the perk is he can golf for free. He buddied up to Tim, talking shop, and by the end of the tour, Tim gave him such a discounted rate for club rentals, green fees, and cart, we went back and golfed 18 holes. (I caddied with my six-pack of beer.) It was a heavenly four hour afternoon for us both. I was shocked by how few people were golfing. It felt like we had the place to ourselves.

A lot of people I know have been to Kauai. It was the first time for us. I’m sure we will return as we only did a fraction of the activities during the time we were there. It’s too easy to get there from Phoenix airport and it wasn’t expensive to stay there in our condo on the east side of the island. We’d be crazy not to return.


1 Shot Wednesday: Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

The guide on our boat tour said this was the fourth most popular photographed spot in the world. (Makes me wonder what the other three might be?) The Na Pali Coastline is home to many movie locations including Jurassic Park and King Kong (1976).

I know it’s corny, but one reason Kauai was on my bucket list was because of this scene.

If you would like to see a professional video of the famous Na Pali coast, check this out.


5 Shots: Kauai Day Two

Traveling is relative. If you live in the southwest or western part of the United States, it’s logical to vacation on this side of the hemisphere. Heading to Mexico or the Hawaiin Islands is direct and affordable, then say, flying east and traveling to Europe. Like most people, I enjoy taking photographs of wherever I go. I’m sticking to five shots and picking from the hundreds of pictures the best ones from each day. Which one do you like best? 

1. Rooster

I learned in the 1850s a hurricane came to Kauai and destroyed a chicken farm. The result of the chicken scattering is the island has feral chickens and roosters running around like pigeons. There are no predators on the island. Or snakes. I thought the roosters were fun to watch and gave the island a quirky quality to it.

2. Sunrise
3. Valley

We drove up to the north end of the island. Kaui is diverse. On this side of the island, 400 inches of rainfall give Kauai that botanical, paradise reputation. On the Westside, only 15 inches fall a year. I was surprised to see cactus growing and dry hills. The island appeals to naturalists and adventurists. Biking, hiking, surfing, golfing, kayaking, and fishing are enjoyed with enthusiasm. I liked how rural the island felt.

4. Horses
5. Sun is setting

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