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1 Shot Wednesday: Shoreline

Maybe by summer things will be back to normal. Today, my granddaughters, Jim and I are hunkered down at home because our schools have closed. It’s pelting rain. There’s a chill in the air that matches the anxious, solemn tone of anyone you meet…

1 Shot Wednesday: Crash

In a little dingy, our group of six explored the coves and caves in southwest Kauai. The bobbing made focusing the camera difficult. I caught this wave smashing into the cliff. It was an imposing sound. The wave dissipated into a spray that covered…

1 Shot Wednesday: Red-crested Cardinal

This was the first time I had seen a Cardinal whose plumage looked like he was wearing a red cowl. He was one of the common, visual treats found on the island of Kaui from last summer’s visit.