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1 Shot Wednesday: Red-crested Cardinal

This was the first time I had seen a Cardinal whose plumage looked like he was wearing a red cowl. He was one of the common, visual treats found on the island of Kaui from last summer’s visit.

Five Shots: Kauai, last batch

We’ve been back from our trip for almost a week. Back to a routine that doesn’t include tradewinds or waves lulling me to sleep at night. But I do have pictures. This is the last round of pictures, I promise. Which one do you… Continue Reading “Five Shots: Kauai, last batch”

1 Shot Wednesday: Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

The guide on our boat tour said this was the fourth most popular photographed spot in the world. (Makes me wonder what the other three might be?) The Na Pali Coastline is home to many movie locations including Jurassic Park and King Kong (1976).… Continue Reading “1 Shot Wednesday: Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast”