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The Irishman vs. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

DID YOU NOTICE THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THESE HYPED, EPIC STORIES? *They are both too long. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood runs at 2 hours and 40 minutes whereas The Irishman runs even longer at three and a half hours. Both stories could have… Continue Reading “The Irishman vs. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

The Lucky 13 Film Club: The Revenant

Thank you, Tom at Digital Shortbread, for co-hosting this month’s feature of the Lucky 13 Film Club. Tom’s reviews are gracefully constructed and insightful. I highly recommend you check out his site; start with his full review of  TOM’S IMPRESSIONS  I’m of the thinking… Continue Reading “The Lucky 13 Film Club: The Revenant”

Lucky 13 Film Club: The Revenant

I am ready. Tom at http://www.digitalshortbread.com is ready. The Revenant is January’s topic on the 13th and everyone is welcome. I have daydreamed that Leonardo DiCaprio has called method actor and friend, Daniel Day-Lewis, to ask him about how to win that elusive Oscar. We have… Continue Reading “Lucky 13 Film Club: The Revenant”