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L13FC: The Actress as Saint or Sinner

Welcome back to this month’s discussion about the film industry. Have some fun and join in the conversation. In literature and in film, females in the Judeo-Christian world throughout the ages have been portrayed as either saint typified by the Virgin Mary, or as… Continue Reading “L13FC: The Actress as Saint or Sinner”

Best Performances In Film By A Leading Lady

Early this morning on a walk, I started thinking about the best performances by an actress of all time. My first choice was Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz because it is the singular performance seen more times by me than any other. But… Continue Reading “Best Performances In Film By A Leading Lady”

Lucky 13 Film Club: The Duality of Meryl Streep

The L13FC involves analyzing an aspect of the film industry. A co-host joins me on the thirteenth of the month to lead the discussion. Attract new readership as I will link your blog. Don’t be shy; email me at cbruchman@yahoo.com, and let’s shape an… Continue Reading “Lucky 13 Film Club: The Duality of Meryl Streep”