15 Favorite Albums

This idea came from my lovely stepdaughter who is quarantined in South Africa; she assigned this prompt to get to know herself better and others around her. Let’s try it!

What are YOUR 15 favorite albums?  Not the highest ranking of all time or what the critics say. Which ones have you played a hundred times, and you still aren’t tired of listening to it? Your desert island collection. The choices you make reveal a lot about you, and that’s the purpose. 🙂 

In no particular order, here is my desert island collection:

1. This is probably the best album of the 20 Century.

So many albums! Can you narrow them down to 15? 

In 1975, I was twelve years old. I bought this Chicago album with my babysitting money. I wore the grooves out of “25 or 6 to 4”.