1 Shot Sunday

Where’s Mr. Darcy?

Walking in the early mornings grounds me while I contemplate yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This Virginia park is named Falling Creek. It’s right around the corner from my home. Ruby gets her morning run here.

1 Shot Wednesday: Galway

Happy early St. Patrick’s Day. A student emailed that she was late turning in an assignment because she was in Galway, Ireland. She sent me pictures to prove she was there. I forgave her because I was green with envy! Thank you, Haley Cockerham, who gave me permission to share a few of her photos.

It does make me wonder.

I’d save all year to buy a ticket to travel to Ireland without reservation. Do my friends in England get over there? What about southern England or Cornwall? Scotland? The Lake District? I count the days to retirement so I can spend a season “over there.”

When I lived in Fairview, New Jersey, across the George Washington Bridge to NYC, I was shocked at how few neighbors and relatives had ever been to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building or upstate New York.

Here I am three hours from Washington D.C., and I think, “Oh, God, a three-hour drive into the city? No thanks!”

Wherever we are in the world, traveling to “elsewhere” may be at great expense and aggravation, but I’m willing to do it. Shame on me for allowing the congested traffic to keep me from taking pictures of the Cherry Trees in bloom in D.C.

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