1 Shot Wednesday: Blooming Cacti

Today, I got out of the hospital after nine days. This is a dastardly Groundhog’s day! Last spring, my body created drama when she conjured up a strange condition that included a liter of cysts and a confused bile duct. Let’s not go there again. This year, my gut brewed up an unhealthy potion that poisoned the host. Last year, I was down and out for six weeks. This year, as I walk into my home, I wonder, “Are we done, now? Please, no more complications.” The monster bacteria will be silenced by the sword of an anti-inflammatory. I will watch as it assails monster b. back to its evil kingdom for good.

I pat my bulb drain, affixed to my tummy like a good luck charm. Hope urges me on with a response. “We’ll see how it pans out.”

I picked this lemony cacti in all her glory; despite how I feel on the inside, looking at this 1.21 meters (4 feet) plant makes me smile. I don’t know when I’ll return with a fresh post. A happy first day of spring, to you.

Five Shots: Hazy Shade of Winter


A winter storm is coming to North Central Arizona, tomorrow in fact. You can see the haze in the air and the sunshine is veiled in gray. Jim, Bear, and I took advantage of 62 degree temps and went hiking out to Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, and we found this gorge.

Opaque Skies Foreshadow the Snow Storm
Verde River Through the Gorge


Copy of DSC02239
Space to Stretch


Black and White

A Wash

Hiking with a breeze and surrounded by space. Is there anything better?  

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