5 Shots: Storm Brewing in Sycamore Canyon

Family has come to visit which means a trip up to the plateau for vista views, music, and Jim’s famous foil dinners. No one should visit Arizona without an evening out in the wilderness for an authentic experience of the Southwest. It’s our favorite way to entertain guests. Which shot do you like best?

1. Sycamore Wilderness


2. Wilderness Road
3. Foil dinner around the campfire
4. Rain is coming
5. A hole in the sunset
6. Downpour in Sedona

1 Shot Wednesday: Full Moon Blossoms

Still in and out of the hospital. Two steps forward, one step back. My 1 Shot Wednesdays are all I can do at the moment. Stupid Polycystic Liver Disease.

Full Moon Blossom

When I think of spring blossoms, they are glowing in the sunshine. A couple of years ago, the moon was full, and we happened to be in a parking lot where the lights lit up the cherry blossoms. The black and white contrast appealed to me. Even in non-descript places like a parking lot, there is beauty to behold.

1 Shot Wednesday: Tarantula

Slowly healing. Thanks for your patience.

On a morning walk, I stumbled upon him. Take your hand and mimic the tarantula crawling. First, he was the size of your hand. Second, why do I consider him male? I have no idea about gender differences and arachnophobia keeps me from investigating. It was difficult to stand over Boris and hold the camera still. I know, tarantulas are supposed to be kind and calm and don’t pose a threat to humans. I could let him crawl all over me and nothing would happen. I don’t care. Seeing one always raises the hairs on my arms.

Arizona Blonde Tarantula

I admit Boris was a beautiful specimen. I liked his cinnamon hair and how graceful his arms maneuvered through his world. I learned from the Biology teacher at school that tarantulas come out during spring rains to mate. There are over 800 kinds of tarantulas in the world and 30 species live in Arizona. The female lifespan is 20 – 25 years. The male 7-10. After reaching maturity, which can take years, the male leaves his burrow in search of a receptive female. He knocks on her filament door and waits nervously; two things will happen. Either she will come out and consent to the union, or she will eat him.

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