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The Favourite (2018) More aggravating than entertaining

I love historical dramas. It had all the ingredients of fine entertainment. Instead, I scratched my head with bewilderment at the end of it. Fellow-bloggers liked it a lot and many gave it high marks. But for me, I felt more aggravated than satisfied.… Continue Reading “The Favourite (2018) More aggravating than entertaining”

Film Spotlight: Denial

Guest Review: DENIAL (2016) by Cinemusefilms  The nature of truth and the power to manipulate it have long been contentious themes in history and cinema. The outstanding film Denial (2016) resonates loudly in today’s post-truth world where power is often used to create alternate realities.… Continue Reading “Film Spotlight: Denial”

4 Films Worth Watching

Summer is over. A new teaching year has begun. So long international travel, spontaneous naps, extended walks, and the chance to catch up on movies and read books. What about my working manuscript, Inside the Gold Plated Pistol? I made steady progress and am… Continue Reading “4 Films Worth Watching”