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Five Shots: A Revisit to Greece

Six months ago, our educational traveling group went to Athens and island hopped in the Aegean Sea. I’m sure I took over a hundred photos, but only shared a few. If you missed the original posts, I linked them at the end. I enjoy looking at summer shots during the winter and vice versa. They always stir a memory. Here are 5 + 10 shots you haven’t seen.

1. Patmos dinner at the beach
2. Mykonos Harbor
2. Mykonos Harbor
3. Mykonos Windmills
3. Mykonos Windmills
4. Mykonos Sunset
4. Mykonos Sunset
5. Mykonos Sunset II
5. Mykonos Sunset II
6. Mykonos High Tide
6. Mykonos High Tide
7. Mykonos at night
7. Mykonos at night
8. Rhodes Fortress in the Harbor
8. Rhodes Fortress in the Harbor
9. Rhodes North Beach
9. Rhodes North Beach
10. Rhodes North Beach II
10. Rhodes North Beach II
12. Rhodes North Beach III
11. Rhodes North Beach III
13. Santorini
12. Santorini
14. Santorini II
13. Santorini II
15. Santorini III
14. Santorini III
16. Good bye, Athens.
15. Goodbye, Athens.
Which ones resonate with you? 

If you missed the original posts, check them out here:

adventure, Five Shots of..., five shots...., nature, photography, travel

Five Shots: The Coast of Rhodes


Rhodes, northern beach on the windy, west side.

Colossus, one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Over 2,000 years ago an earthquake shook and destroyed the ancient wonder of Colossus. I saw this article written in 2015 which claims architects are planning to reconstruct it, 3x larger than the original. You can read The Telegraph article HERE

Rhodes Harbor
Rhodes Harbor

Now a stag and doe stand where once straddled the Greek titan-god of the sun Helios, by Chares of Lindos in 280 BC.

No alterations or photoshop. I swear it’s this layered, this blue.
Pick a seat. Pay 5 euros
A pebbled beach on the calm side (east) of Rhodes where it was easy to float like a bobber.
It’s a wild ride on the west side of the island.



Walking on the west side, select a spot on uncrowded beaches.


The east side has the resorts and the touristy areas. This picture is on the west side, and its villages and beaches are uncommercialized. I think it’s because it’s too windy to swim calmly, yet, this is the side I’d easily spend a summer hanging out with the locals.


Instead of a bus, we rented a car for 25 euros and struck out on our own. We only had time to visit the northeast and west side of the island. They say it takes 6 hours to drive around.


On the east side slightly north of Anthony Quinn Bay, we ascended up a mountain top which featured a church and a restaurant.
Since we live in Northern AZ, eating fish on the trip was a priority. Mussels and prawns for lunch.

I could spend weeks on Rhodes. We only caught a glimpse of her beauty. Which picture do you like best?