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Rows Found at a San Antonio Wedding


Texas hospitality greeted me at the Don Strange Ranch outside of San Antonio.

P1070021     P1070057

My son and daughter-in-law got hitched in style.

P1070019    P1070018

While I walked around the grounds, the renovated barn and outbuildings supplied rows of this-and-that everywhere.

P1070038  P1070033

Posts and antique church windows

P1070125   P1070051

Stable doors and coffee mugs

P1070063   P1070070

wedding chairs and lapels

P1070079   P1070034

wedding men  and  cacti

P1070062   P1070061

saw teeth and branding irons

P1070064  P1070089

horseshoes, guitar strings, and xylophone bars

P1070066    P1070085

white blossoms and candles

P1070094    P1070110

table settings and dessert tables


Tabitha and Steve


Thank you, Gary and Amy, parents of the bride and hosts of a lovely weekend!


With the groom and the best man, my two boys