Hiking Around Trout Lake, CO

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Trout Lake

Trout Lake outside of Telluride is clear, and when hiking around it, it takes on the hue of teal. When I was a girl, I used to draw this scene repeatedly not knowing it existed other than in my imagination. Jagged snow-capped peaks. Rolling hills. Pines poking up to the sky. A large, mountain lake. For me, this landscape is the perfection of nature and transforms into a holiness for which I am unable to describe and only appreciate.


Taken from the side of the 145 highway, south of Telluride, Colorado, when Jim and I turned the bend and I saw my childhood “happy place”, my mouth dropped. I couldn’t wait to get to the edge of the lake and hike around the hills and into the Aspen groves.

Natural Shutters Framing Trout Lake
Glitter and Gold

Sometimes, all that glitters is gold.

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Hike Around Trout Lake

Every bend around the lake was a photo opportunity. I couldn’t believe our good fortune experiencing this place¬†with the breeze rustling the Aspen leaves around us for company.

Entering an Aspen Grove


Sunset over San Juan Mountains

Back at camp, as the sun set, the mountain range turned an unearthly pink.

Pink Pyramid

With dinner baking in the Dutch oven, all that was left to do was light a campfire and relax.

Camp Site at Dusk

Which shot is best? 

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