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IMO: Cancer & Altered Carbon

IMO: Science Fiction, Metropolis and Ad Astra

In German class, we are exploring German Expressionism found in film. I showed them the Fritz Lang masterpiece, Metropolis (1927). My students were born after The Matrix CGI made a leap forward. CGI has been a part of their entire lives like cell phones. To show… Continue Reading “IMO: Science Fiction, Metropolis and Ad Astra”

L13FC: The Purpose of Science Fiction, Blade Runner 2049

Welcome back, everyone. It’s the thirteenth of the month and the Lucky 13 Film Club topic today is the purpose of Sci-Fi films. As a case study, check out this conversation I had with my 29-year-old daughter in the car on the way home from watching Blade… Continue Reading “L13FC: The Purpose of Science Fiction, Blade Runner 2049”