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1 Shot Wednesday: Blooming Cacti

Today, I got out of the hospital after nine days. This is a dastardly Groundhog’s day! Last spring, my body created drama when she conjured up a strange condition that included a liter of cysts and a confused bile duct. Let’s not go there again. This year, my gut brewed up an unhealthy potion that poisoned the host. Last year, I was down and out for six weeks. This year, as I walk into my home, I wonder, “Are we done, now? Please, no more complications.” The monster bacteria will be silenced by the sword of an anti-inflammatory. I will watch as it assails monster b. back to its evil kingdom for good.

I pat my bulb drain, affixed to my tummy like a good luck charm. Hope urges me on with a response. “We’ll see how it pans out.”

I picked this lemony cacti in all her glory; despite how I feel on the inside, looking at this 1.21 meters (4 feet) plant makes me smile. I don’t know when I’ll return with a fresh post. A happy first day of spring, to you.


Sick and Tired

Remember a little while back I complained of a pain in my abdomen, and I went to the Emergency Room because the pain became unbearable? That was over three weeks ago. Alas, my affliction has not resolved. I haven’t been able to think let alone write a post. It takes all my energy getting through the work day. I come home and collapse. What is wrong, you ask?

My gallbladder should be working at a “35” but it’s at a “13”. In this case, not my lucky number at all. So with a dysfunctional gallbladder, any food I eat, there is a pain involved. The amount is important, too. Large amounts of anything are killers. Even on a bland diet, after a few bites, I feel bloated and heavy like I’ve feasted on a holiday meal.

In addition, I have mutant, alien bloodsucking cysts (melodramatic, moi?) which have attached themselves to my liver and have grown to the size of baseballs. (Yes, baseballs.) This makes me feel pregnant and the pain when they are prodded or they bleed is excruciating.

My stomach growls from hunger, and I have abnormal levels of gas which churns. The good news is I have lost 15 pounds since Jan 3. On Monday, I meet with the gastro specialist who, I presume, will tell me it’s time for surgery. Then, I hope the surgeon will fit me in earlier than later.

I miss posting and being diligent about reading your posts. Just thought I’d give you a head’s up why I’ve been away. It could be a couple more weeks before I’m back to normal, and no longer living out the sci-fi scene in my imagination.  😉