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L13FC: Two Sci-Fi Heavyweights

Pete says: I’m afraid you had to be there at the time, to imagine how amazing it looked to a teenager in 1968. Orbiting satellites, strange shapes, and the passing through the Star Gate sequence, very like the psychedelic experiences being experimented by many… Continue Reading “L13FC: Two Sci-Fi Heavyweights”

Lucky 13 Film Club: 2001 vs. Blade Runner

The second manuscript is going great–thank you for supporting my hiatus. However, since the 13th is around the bend, and my friend PETE from BEETLEY  had already agreed to co-host the March 13th discussion, I am going to run with it. After all, I’m… Continue Reading “Lucky 13 Film Club: 2001 vs. Blade Runner”

Lucky 13 Film Club: March Topic

A special thank you to my buddy Ruth at FLIXCHATTER and all of you (thanks Robin) who contributed your opinions on February 13 as we discussed 1930s British Female Protagonists. Moving forward to March, we will explore Science Fiction. The March 13th co-host is Pete from… Continue Reading “Lucky 13 Film Club: March Topic”