5 Shots: Full Moon Rising

After school yesterday, we raced up to the plateau to get some fresh air and watch the full moon rise. The festivities included talks with my daughter, consuming hot dogs on a stick, smores with granddaughters, and sprinter Ruby doing loops around us. It was her first experience at our magical spot. She’s six months old and looks more like a dog now. Jim was dubbed Chanticleer after the rooster in that old animation film, Rockadoodle. His five females clucked (Ruby barked) around him and everyone was quite happy. Here are five shots of our outdoor living room.

Sycamore Wilderness up on the Plateau
a truly hot dog
Hot off the stick.

5 Shots: Storm Brewing in Sycamore Canyon

Family has come to visit which means a trip up to the plateau for vista views, music, and Jim’s famous foil dinners. No one should visit Arizona without an evening out in the wilderness for an authentic experience of the Southwest. It’s our favorite way to entertain guests. Which shot do you like best?

1. Sycamore Wilderness
2. Wilderness Road
3. Foil dinner around the campfire
4. Rain is coming
5. A hole in the sunset
6. Downpour in Sedona

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