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1 Shot Wednesday: Fall in Colorado

Telluride, Colorado is one of the prettiest places on the planet. It feels like I’ve gone to the Alps, but it’s only eight hours away.  This picture was taken back in 2015. It reminds me it’s time for a revisit. Maybe next fall…

Five Shots: Colorado Aspens

These pictures were taken today and tomorrow of 2015. We were hoping to return to South Central Colorado for fall break, but it didn’t work out. A revisit through the photo album will have to suffice. Which one do you like best? We were… Continue Reading “Five Shots: Colorado Aspens”

Five Shots: Colorado Aspens

Just back from a camping getaway to Colorado. Telluride is known for its Alpen setting and music festivals throughout the year. This past weekend was quiet with few tourists and the Aspen leaves clung to the trees. Here are five + two shots of… Continue Reading “Five Shots: Colorado Aspens”