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Lucky 13 Film Club: The Lion in Winter

Katharine Hepburn won an Oscar for Best Actress as Eleanor of Aquitaine. James Goldman won an Oscar for adapting his own play. John Barry‘s score won for Best Score. It’s 1182 and King Henry II (Peter O’Toole) is the scene-chewing roaring lion passionately defending… Continue Reading “Lucky 13 Film Club: The Lion in Winter”

Cindy’s Lucky 13 Film Club

Just a friendly reminder that in ten days we will discuss the period drama The Lion in Winter. With a fresh pair of eyes, re-watch or try out for the first time this highly-acclaimed classic starring Katharine Hepburn and Peter O’Toole. On October thirteenth, join my… Continue Reading “Cindy’s Lucky 13 Film Club”

Lucky 13 Film Club

My friend KATE LOVETON requested I host a monthly series centered around a group discussion of a film. I thought about it and came up with this idea for which I hope you will take part when you’re willing and able. I was born on the… Continue Reading “Lucky 13 Film Club”