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Are You Not Entertained? A Pair of Movies and a Book

Here are a couple of movies and a recent book I can recommend to you. You go right ahead and dislike Tom Cruise. Even if you sit in that camp, surely you can admire the star for performing his own stunts? What an exhilarating… Continue Reading “Are You Not Entertained? A Pair of Movies and a Book”

Tom Cruise: Love him or hate him?

Tom and I have shared thirty-three years together. He’s never jumped on the couch over me; I wouldn’t say yes if he asked me to marry him; and I doubt we’ll ever go to church together–and that’s all right by me. Tom has been in the spot light for over three decades. He’s… Continue Reading “Tom Cruise: Love him or hate him?”

Scorsese, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise

  Oh, how I love to shoot pool. Scorsese, Newman, Cruise–a trifecta for me. After a revisit of both films this past fortnight, I am pleased to share my opinions with you. Rack ’em up! The Hustler is a modern classic. It is twice… Continue Reading “Scorsese, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise”