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Are You Not Entertained? Books, Shows, and a Film

I can recommend several books this month as well as an entertaining television series to binge on and one outstanding movie which deserves praise and recommendation. BOOKS The Swans of Fifth Avenue by Melanie Benjamin (The Aviator’s Wife). The flavor of NYC elite starring… Continue Reading “Are You Not Entertained? Books, Shows, and a Film”

The Lucky 13 Film Club: The Revenant

Thank you, Tom at Digital Shortbread, for co-hosting this month’s feature of the Lucky 13 Film Club. Tom’s reviews are gracefully constructed and insightful. I highly recommend you check out his site; start with his full review of  TOM’S IMPRESSIONS  I’m of the thinking… Continue Reading “The Lucky 13 Film Club: The Revenant”

Mad Max: Fury Road

Crazy nonsense with little redeeming value. Made for eighth grade boys and girls who don’t see there is a weak plot, weak subplot, weak dialogue, and ludicrous circus characters. Vestal virgins (breeders) wearing white scarves that hardly get dirty. White chalked natives banging drums following… Continue Reading “Mad Max: Fury Road”