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Five Shots: Perkinsville Road, AZ

At approximately 5,000 ft., if you drive the dirt road called Perkinsville Road from Jerome, Arizona, and aim north, it follows the mountain ridge providing breathless views of Sycamore Canyon Wilderness with the San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, in the distance. I had to throw… Continue Reading “Five Shots: Perkinsville Road, AZ”

Desert Camping in Utah

Drive on US 163 heading north through Monument Valley and it feels like you are in a Western. It is difficult to appreciate the space and colossal rock formations from a picture. Notice the house next to the bluff? After driving through Monument Valley,… Continue Reading “Desert Camping in Utah”

You, as tourist…

Across the globe someone thinks you live somewhere worth visiting. My personal philosophy: never stop being a tourist. A first visit anywhere keeps that zest alive. Try this game. Look at the clue and give yourself a point if you can name the location.… Continue Reading “You, as tourist…”