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Come hike with me around Lake Laura, Virginia

Let’s go on a 3.5 mile hike around my favorite mountain lake in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. I’d like to introduce you to my outdoor gym, Lake Laura. It took me fifty minutes to walk around her and over the course of seven years,… Continue Reading “Come hike with me around Lake Laura, Virginia”

What do Paris and Sedona have in common?

I stumbled upon a transcendental moment in a tourist trap at the Red Rock Crossing just outside of Sedona, Arizona. I was new to the area and happy my visiting son agreed to hike with me on a sunny, 70 degree day. Disgruntled I… Continue Reading “What do Paris and Sedona have in common?”

Summer 2011: VA to VT to NM

I conducted an experiment to see how long I could function in society without owning a cell phone. One, I was on a tight budget. The land line had been around my whole life and it seemed perfectly acceptable to share one house phone… Continue Reading “Summer 2011: VA to VT to NM”