More White Mountains

photographyHere are pictures from last weekend’s getaway to the White Mountains in eastern Arizona where we aimed for water, mountains, and open spaces for camping. At 9,000 feet, the Elk were everywhere. Herds cross the road, and at night, their bugling is a treat. Mountain Goats and Bears are shy but will come out if you are quiet. What I love about camping are the night skies devoid of light pollution. During the full moon, the meadows illuminate herds walking by. If you live in a desert climate, rivers and lakes never sounded lovelier.  The whispers and rustle of the Pines and Aspen trees are a tonic that fill my head with a fragrance that calms me down.

Liquid Rocks
Little Colorado River
Trout in the Little Colorado River
A Future Camp Site in an Elk Grove
Hiking around Lake Luna
The High Trail
yellow bird
Yellow Warbler in the Reeds
Far End of Lake Luna
Far End of Lake Luna
White and Green

Which shot do you like best? 

Here’s the first set from the other day if you missed them.

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