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POV in Books and Films

Why are books often better than the film? Character driven stories adapted to the screen rarely capture the languid, interconnected weaving of words. The point of view depicted in books and films have become more important to me, affecting my patience and enjoyment of… Continue Reading “POV in Books and Films”

Emeralds: fiction and non-fiction

Non-fiction Oh, my young and stupid years. When I turned 18 and enlisted in the Navy, I was sent to San Diego, CA for “A” school which back in 1981 meant I learned how to type on a teletypewriter and set up ship-shore communications.… Continue Reading “Emeralds: fiction and non-fiction”

1927: Hollywood, Magazines, Dreamers

Researching Hollywood, Jerome AZ, and Chicago is as fun as creating fictional characters and inserting them into the culture of 1927. Two principal characters are girl friends–one is a Hopi Indian while the other a vaudeville performer. The other two characters are a killer… Continue Reading “1927: Hollywood, Magazines, Dreamers”