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I’m a tour director. Since 2001, I’ve escorted high school and college students, families and adults to Europe and Australia. During that time, Passports, the educational traveling company has produced my trips with stress-free adventures.

Madrid palace, 2017

Why is my way of traveling using Passports the best? 

  1. All the work is done for you. No time wasted trying to secure transportation from point A to B. No stress getting to and from the airport and entrance to the main attractions. No worries wondering if the hotel is okay.
  2. All hotels are 3 and 4 stars in the center of the city. We don’t waste time traveling into the city from our hotel. We are in the heart of it all. We walk and explore.
  3. When you travel with me, your mornings are full of eye-popping sights and learning about extraordinary places. If you love history or architecture, you will be happy.
  4. The afternoons and evenings are frequently free for you and your travel buddy or the group to absorb the culture as it suits your interests. Visit an art museum. Stroll the botanical garden or city park. Swim in the sea. Check out the pubs. See a show. Go shopping. Relax in your hotel room. The choice is yours.
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    Athens, Greece, 2016

5. Trip sizes are intimate, usually 12-15 people. You will meet new people and share your experiences with the group and friendships form. You will have time to yourself for personal enjoyment. We travel by speed train and rarely get on a bus. Trip lengths are 8-12 days long. We vacation in June or July. Yes, it’s tourist season, but don’t let that stop you from seeing the wonders of the world.  Also, it’s less likely to rain on you.

Spain, 2017

6. All meals (except lunches), hotels, air flights, transfers, transportation is included in the price (Approximately 4k). During free days, excursions are available. You will get approximately 20 euros for the purchase of your evening meal. This allows flexibility and the freedom for you to decide where you want to eat.

7. In countries where the primary language is not English, we will have a courier who stays with the group the entire trip to guide us and dedicate his/her time to our wants and needs.

Mykonos sunset, 2016

8. This is a medium priced adventure. It’s not a budget trip. It’s not grandiose. It’s for people who like to explore fascinating places with positive attitudes and the desire to share the world whether alone, with a partner, or with family.

Rhodes beach, 2016

Let’s talk about it. Email me at

Madrid Food Market, 2017
Clifftop at dusk, Sorrento, Italy, 2018
Sorrento sunset, 2018

June 2019 – London and Edinburgh, Scotland.  Click to see the full itinerary and information.  Tour (UK)

July 2020 – Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. Click to see the full itinerary and information.  Tour (Alps)

The sooner you sign up, the longer you have to pay off the trip. That’s how you make it affordable.

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